International Viola d’amore Society

The International Viola d’amore Society is the continuation of the Viola d’amore Society of America. It is a wonderful organisation directed by Dr Myron Rosenblum and Dr Daniel Thomason. Every two years, international players gather in Europe or America to play and listen and meet historians, composers and luthiers. These congresses are fascinating, and I have been fortunate in attending and playing at many of them, most recently in 2018.

An example of the repertoire I tend to play there is this programme from 2010, when I played Gordon Tonson’s Balletto Solenne, based in an early Italian ballet, York Bowen’s Introduction and Allegro and his Caprice, arrangements by Montagu Cleeve of Estrellita and Kreisler’s Menuett in Elaine Fine’s 3 Dances for 5 Violas d’amore.

The web site for the International Viola d’amore Society is: